how to use a keyboard

So to use a keyboard you have to press different keys and different things happen.
So we're going to tell you what the keys do.

You may have been wondering what the long key at the bottom means. If you press it, it will leave a space between the two words.

You may not know where to find capital letters. So to get a capital letter you have to press shift. But you have to keep pressing boths the letter you want and the shift button. If you don't want to keep holding the shift button Press the caps lock. But you have to remember to press it again otherwise it will be in capitals.

Can you see all the blue keys, the're special. Plus they all do different things. For example the tab key does different spaces depending on what you type. Compared to the space key there completely different it's a bit like land and sea or fire and ice.

See all the letters there in different colours the purple ones are the vowles a/e/i/o/u. Also the green ones are consonants q/w/r/t/y/p/s/d/f/g/h/j/k/l/z/x/c/v/b/n/m.

The orange keys are mainly punctuation.

Now this is where it gets a bit compicated. If you press the shift key the top punctuation will appear for example add and equals if you press shift key then then the add sign will appear.

The red keys are numbers if you don't press shift.If you hold the shift key then the top one will appear.

The f keys are called function keys they do different things depending on what you are doeing.

A mouse
A mouse is used in many different ways. There are lots of different sizes there are big & small.